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About Us

Sarex Limited was established in 1970. Originally we started as a small family business importing Italian handbags, distributing them to various shops in Malta.

In 1975 we decided to start manufacturing handbags locally. Within a short period of time we became the leading producer of handbags in Malta. 

Due to the success we had manufacturing handbags we decided to expand and in 1980 we started producing shoes as well. In 1984 we opened our first retail outlet TIPTOES in Rabat. 

In 2007 we opened our FLAGSHIP TIPTOES MEGASTORE, an area of 500 square meters which proved to be very popular and exceeded all our sales projections.

In 2011 we decided to open another shop on the second floor of our complex LEVEL 1 shoes. Level 1 is dedicated to leather branded footwear and we are proud to have been given exclusive rights to distribute some of the leading footwear brands in Malta. Due to its success we opened our second LEVEL 1 shop in Spring 2013 at Bisazza Street, Sliema.

To date we have eight TIPTOES outlets and two Level 1 outlets in Malta. We put our success down to being realistic with prices, recognizing the needs of our clients and constantly being on the ball. We value our customers above all else and treat them accordingly, the result being that the vast majority of our clients have been with us for many years. 

We have recently launched an online shopping web site and have a very successful interactive face book page